Large Capacity for Multiple Manufacturing Processes.

All of our custom manufacturing equipment is top-of-the-line. This includes, but is not limited to, equipment for fabrication, machining, surface treatment, inspection, and finishing processes. PIASA offers one-stop service. We supply all your needs. We manage your projects from start to finish. Let PIASA be your reliable manufacturing partner.

With our advanced, versatile fleet of equipment and our staff of professionals in each manufacturing discipline, we can successfully fulfill our customers’ special requirements.

Fabrication Equipment and Materials

At PIASA, we have developed exceptional expertise in welding and assembly with a wide array of materials from various alloys to corrosion resistant coatings. We have a full service facility certified to ASME standards for boilers and pressure vessels.

Messer CNC cutting table

State-of-the-art multi-process CNC cutting system with precision plasma beveling head and advanced triple torch oxyfuel technology

Double table CNC cutting machine, with three oxycut torches and a plasma torch


Plate rolling machines

4 bending roll machines upto 1 ¾” thickness x 120” width


Hydraulic profile roll bending machine

3-roll pipe bending machines. Max. 10” pipe


LVD CNC press brake

1400 ton LVD CNC press brake with 6 m (20 ft.) table

LVD CNC press brake

More Equipment

  • Hydraulic power supplies
  • Hydraulic straightening presses
  • 100 ton hydraulic press
  • Portable pipe milling end prep tool
  • Abrasive cut saws
  • Pipe beveling stations
  • Plate beveling machines

Welding Process and Techniques

  • Pulsing arc semiautomatic welding machines (MIG/MAG)
  • Manual welding machines
  • Nelson Stud welding machines
  • Portable submerged arc welding machine
  • Automatic submerged arc welding manipulator machines (10 m L x 4 m W x 6 m H)
  • High frequency TIG welding machines
  • Semiautomatic welding machines (MIG)

Materials and Metals

  • All types of: carbon steel, high-strength low-alloy steel, chromemoly steel
  • All types of stainless steel: 304, 316, 309, 310, 321, 410, 416, 420
  • Exoticalloys / superalloys: Nitronic, Inconel, monel, nickel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Hard facing overlay: stellite, chromium carbide
  • Bimetals

Machining Equipment

Our facilities are equipped to serve our clients requirements in large and heavy machining. Our exceptional handling capacity and machining processes allows us to machine complex parts. Our experienced technicians know how to get the most out of our conventional and numerically controlled lathes, mills and boring machines.

Toshiba Shibaura CNC horizontal milling and boring machine

  • Boring spindle= 6.3”
  • Column travel X= 480"
  • Head stock travel Y= 216”
  • Ram travel Z= 44”
  • Spindle travel W= 44”
  • 50 ton manual rotary table 157.5” x 157.5” with 4 milling heads
Toshiba Shibaura CNC horizontal milling and boring machine 1
Toshiba Shibaura CNC horizontal milling and boring machine 2

IKEGAI CNC horizontal milling and boring machine

  • Boring spindle= 6.3”
  • Column travel X= 354”
  • Head stock travel Y= 169”
  • Ram travel Z= 39”
  • Spindle travel W= 31”
  • 40 ton indexed rotary table 118” x 118,” with 3 milling heads
IKEGAI CNC horizontal milling and boring machine

Vertical lathe

  • 16 ft turning capacity

CNC TOS horizontal boring mill

  • Long travel X= 218”
  • Vertical travel Y= 66” Z= 35.5”CNC
CNC TOS horizontal boring mill

More miscellaneous equipment

Radial, horizontal, and portable drills

Horizontal milling machine

  • Long travel 65” vertical travel 20”

Vertical milling machine

  • Long travel 44” vertical travel 20”


  • Maximum swing 19” distance between centers 70”


  • Max swing 28” distance between centers 98”

Master portable milling machine (RTPM7-158)

  • 127” X travel 18” Z travel 18” Y travel

Equipment for Future Expansion

We have these vertical turning lathes stored in boxes for our future large machining shop expansion.

CNC vertical turning lathe

16 ft. turning capacity

O-M vertical turning lathe

23 ft. diameter turning capacity

Various Tools and Equipment for Value-Added Processes

Piasa offers a wide range of value-added processes and surface finishing services to meet all client requirements.

Heat treatment furnace

14 m length x 4.5 m width x 5 m height, 100 tons. Post-welding stress relieving heat treatment, in-house.

Surface finishing equipment

Equipment for surface finishing treatments (blasting, industrial painting, coating applications), measuring and inspection, as well as shipment and packing requirements.

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